Banana Chocolate Shake {Vegan}

chocolate banana smoothie (2-ingredients, easy, vegan) | pale yellowMeet my new favorite treat!  It’s easy, rather healthy, and totally deliciously satisfying.  The banana ice cream fad gets a facelift in this non-milk, milk shake.

chocolate banana smoothie (2-ingredients, easy, vegan) | pale yellowAs much as I try to eat healthy, I often have 2-3 week benders where all bets are off.  In one such bender I found myself eating ice cream for dinner several nights in a row.  Obviously that is not a habit I can maintain.

chocolate banana smoothie (2-ingredients, easy, vegan) | pale yellowNow that I’m back on track, I still crave that sweet something in the evenings after dinner.  Enter my new favorite treat.  Two ingredients, whiz it up, and you’re done; sweet, sweet dessert.  The banana flavor is definitely present, but I love bananas, so it’s all good.  Chocolate + banana is one of my favorite flavor combinations.  A little scoop of peanut butter makes the whole drink that much more delightful!

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Print the Recipe!

Banana Chocolate Shake {Vegan, Two-Ingredients}
Yield – 1 serving

1 small banana, in chunks and frozen
1 cup dark chocolate almond milk

  1. Add the frozen banana pieces and milk to a Magic Bullet blender or other such device.  Blend for 2-3 minutes or until well combined.
  2. Enjoy with your favorite straw!

Variations – Add 1 tablespoon of peanut butter!  A dash of cinnamon!  Use vanilla almond milk or coconut!  Add extracts!  Be fancy!chocolate banana smoothie (2-ingredients, easy, vegan) | pale yellow

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2 responses to “Banana Chocolate Shake {Vegan}

  1. I can’t wait to try this. So simple, healthy and delicious. With bananas in the freezer and chocolate almond milk in the fridge, I’m wondering why I never thought of this. So glad I found you!!

    • A strong craving for chocolate and a stronger desire to eat healthy is a great recipe for creativity! These smoothies are fantastic!


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