What I Learned This Week #30

The method to my madness...

The method to my madness…

What I Learned This Week:

  • Sat. 4/26 – I start to see stars when working on a Saturday and stare at a computer for the majority of the time.
  • Sun. 4/27 - Afternoon brunch easily turns into an all day affair when the champagne is flowing.
  • Mon. 4/28 - Mark Paul Gosselaar is a really interesting and cool person.  And not just for his Saved by the Bell fame.
  • Tues. 4/29 – There is a Spencer’s in King Plaza Mall, perfect for all bachelorette needs.
  • Wed. 4/30 – Aphids can be black, red, or purple and are the lice of the plant world.
  • Thurs. 5/1 – 90’s alternative rock will forever be my favorite genre of music.  Heard “Everlong” somewhere and I created a new Pandora station filled with Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Nirvana, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc. Amazingly I still know almost all the words to all the songs.   Thank you 89X.
  • Fri. 5/2 - Morning phone chats with Lynn can make the day much better! It’s amazing how two people in different places can be experiencing the same emotions.

Around the Internets:

  • I definitely want to see if this cake lives up to its name.
  • Adorable animals make us aggresive – “It’s so fluffy I’m going to die!”
  • I want every part of this cupcake.
  • So thoughtful.  A different take on life without children.
  • A margarita that reminds me of Bogota!
It's thrilling when someone you admire follows you back!

It’s thrilling when someone you admire follows you back!

One Year Ago – Pear Galette

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2 responses to “What I Learned This Week #30

  1. Thanks for including my cupcake! I hope you try it!

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