What I Learned This Week #25

Spring has sprung.... lies!

Spring has sprung….

What I Learned This Week:

  • Fri. 3/21 – Some days you just don’t get a break.
  • Sat. 3/22 - Every woman needs her lady friends!
  • Sun. 3/23 - When you crave a ham, you crave ham.
  • Mon. 3/24 – There are 9 Norse (Viking) gods.  As I learn more about the Vikings (totally watching the History Channel series), it’s all very similar to Game of Thrones.
  • Tues. 3/25 – When needed, I can still out bitch a teenager.
  • Wed. 3/26 – Sleep does the body good, always.
  • Thurs. 3/27 – How lucky I am to have both my parents around when I need them.
Cool or creepy?

Cool or creepy?

Around the Internets:

  • Making (and keeping) friends takes effort, sometimes a lot of effort!
  • Going dairy free is hard, this will help.
  • I imagine these with strawberry.
  • Yes, yes, and yes!
  • I should be ashamed of the number of times I’ve burnt rice, but I’m not.  This should help.

Science Uniqueness | Pale YellowTwo Years Ago – Snickerdoodles

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