Father’s Day

If your father is anything like mine, he is difficult buy gifts for.  Usually Christmas, Father’s Day, and his birthday involves chipping in with my mom or brother for a gift certificate or something I don’t understand from Cabella’s.  This birthday was no different with my brother picking up the gift certificate, but still I wanted to something extra special.  And since my brother never signs my name to the card even though I paid half, I always need to make sure the parents know who the most awesome child is!

I first saw this idea here and here, but Key Foods has a poor selection of candy and it was raining, I was not going out in search of candy.  I worked with what I could find!  I sent this for my dad’s birthday, but I think it would be excellent for Father’s Day.  My dad really enjoyed the gift!  It’s hard to see, but this is what the card said:

Dear Dad, Happy whooper of a birthday!  Fifty-six is starting to sound old, but there are no snickers here!  Even though I can be quite the goober and often have butterfingers, I am never a milk dud.  You have always been such a smartie and a lifesaver!  Enjoy crunch-ing on all this candy, I hope you don’t get chunky.  You should come to New York and see the team Baby Ruth played for!  I love you good and plenty.  Tracy

If your dad has a sweet tooth, here are some other suggestions!

Man Cupcakes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Red Velvet S’more Brownie Bars

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

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