Butterlane Cupcake Class

The cupcakes I made and frosted at Butterlane!

Over a year ago some friends and I bought Groupons to take a cupcake class at Butter Lane Bakery and we finally got around to taking the class this December.  I’m not a huge fan of bakery cupcakes, I tend to find them a little dry, but Butter Lane is one of the better bakeries in the city.  They have simple, clean, and delicious flavors.  They also have one of the best vanilla frosting I’ve ever tasted.  I took the class because I wanted to see how an actual bakery works.  We had a lot of fun even though Diane messed up the chocolate cake!  I wouldn’t use their cake recipes, but their frostings are delicious!  I really like their approach to frostings, they make 3 basic frostings (vanilla, cream cheese, and chocolate) and then they add spices, jams, or different extracts to make a wider variety of flavors.  This would be really fun if you were making simple cupcakes and wanted a variety.  You make one batch of frosting and then divide it into different bowls to mix in the various ingredients.

I learned two things at the class: 1 – Cream cheese absorbs sugar and that is why cream cheese is frosting is so runny.  Lately, I’ve been reducing the amount of cream cheese in my frosting recipes and substituting that amount with butter.  I still taste the cream cheese, but the frosting are a little thicker and easier to work with.  2 – You can add a couple of ounces of cream cheese to any frosting recipe and it will stop the frosting from getting the crustiness on top.  Good to know!

Here is the link to all of Butterlane’s recipes available for free on their Facebook page!

Overall, it was  a fun evening and I would definitely recommend attending their cupcake class!

Cream Cheese Frosting

Chocolate Frosting

Raspberry Frosting

Cinnamon Frosting

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3 responses to “Butterlane Cupcake Class

  1. Irene

    The idea of making three basic frostings and adding flavorings is a simple idea but a great one!i am still yet to taste a Butter Lane cupcake, but I look forward to trying one!

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